Welcome to Rivels and Grits, a blog dedicated to regional vegan cooking!

Photo of Michelle's vegan hamburger soup, with rivels. Regional vegan fare at its heartiest.

A vegan version of my Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother’s hamburger soup.

I created this blog to help people who:

  • Grew up with Southern or Pennsylvania Dutch food, became vegan, and are homesick for the comfort food they love. I was in your shoes when I went vegan in 2004! My blog will teach you how to reinterpret your favorites without meat, poultry, fish, dairy, egg, or other animal products. Rivels and Grits is all about recipes that you will enjoy just as much as you did before, and often even more! Occasionally I’ll also modernize recipes that either aren’t very practical for today’s cooks, or could use some extra pizzaz.
  • Want to explore regional vegan American cuisine.  Pennsylvania Dutch cooking in particular has not gotten much attention yet from vegan cookbooks and blogs. I’m excited to help change that.
  • Are newly vegan and need general information about vegan cooking and lifestyle. We’ll talk about issues like egg substitutes (no worries–there’s a ton of them, and you can choose one that’s just right for what you’re cooking), finding cruelty free beauty and housekeeping products, and avoiding surprisingly non-vegan foods (like many refined sugars here in the U.S.).
  • Are vegan-curious. Maybe you’d like to know if you could go vegan and still enjoy all the foods you love. The answer is yes! You can make vegan versions of everything from hollandaise sauce to marshmallow fluff to scrapple. Some of my recipes will taste a bit different from the originals, but I will never post anything that I believe sacrifices any quality or tastes at all “fake.”
  • Aren’t vegan, but want to reduce their consumption of animal products while still enjoying their American comfort foods. You’ve come to the right place!
  • Have a special vegan in their life and want to cook for them. I like you already. 🙂

What are you looking for?  Please leave comments below so that I can make sure my readers get what they need. You can also connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. I’m happy to help with questions and vegan cooking dilemmas by email as well. Thanks for stopping by!