Is sugar vegan?  Unfortunately, sugar in the U.S. is often processed by using animal bone char as a filter. This filtering makes sugar white by removing all traces of molasses.

This is also true for powdered (confectioners) sugar. It’s even true for brown sugar, because brown sugar is made by combining molasses with refined white sugar.

Fortunately, there are many vegan sugars!… Read more

Michelle's Vegan Northern Cornbread Photo

Michelle’s Vegan Northern Cornbread.

Also known as Yankee Cornbread, some folks get fired up about differences between cornbreads in the North and South! I don’t fuss about which one is “real” cornbread, because they’re two different breads. In the North most people use yellow instead of white cornmeal, and this recipe yields a softer crust because it uses a pan instead of a preheated cast iron skillet.… Read more

Welcome to Rivels and Grits, a blog dedicated to regional vegan cooking!

Photo of Michelle's vegan hamburger soup, with rivels. Regional vegan fare at its heartiest.

A vegan version of my Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother’s hamburger soup.

I created this blog to help people who:

  • Grew up with Southern or Pennsylvania Dutch food, became vegan, and are homesick for the comfort food they love. I was in your shoes when I went vegan in 2004!
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