Filled Celery Photo

The family’s filled celery.

The Pennsylvania Dutch side of my family has passed this filled celery recipe down for generations–my great-grandmother used it too!  Creamy, mild, and slightly savory, with a delicate pastel coral color, the filling is an absolute delight. The celery is also specially prepared the night before to be crisp, tender, and moist. We looked forward to my mother serving it at every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.… Read more

Michelle's Vegan Jambalaya Photo

Michelle’s Vegan Jambalaya, Creole Style.

Jambalaya originates in Louisiana and usually has Andouille sausage, chicken, onion, bell pepper, celery, rice, and a spicy kick unique to the region. Many recipes also include shrimp. The difference between Creole jambalaya and Cajun jambalaya is that the Creole version has tomatoes and sometimes tomato sauce as well.

This Creole vegan Jambalaya features homemade vegan Andouille sausage and an excellent chicken substitute.… Read more

What not to do

A disorganized list will probably have you running all over the store! Photo: “red line,” Meg Stewart, CC BY 2.0.

Have you had any of these problems?

  • Coming home to find you don’t have ingredients to make a quick, decent meal
  • Running to the grocery store at inconvenient times, or more often than you’d like
  • Taking too long to find things at the store
  • Realizing halfway through cooking something that you don’t have an ingredient you thought you had
  • Forgetting that you were running low on a basic item, then running out at a bad time
  • Making grocery lists with similar items, over and over again
  • Miscommunications with people you live with about what you need from the store, which items need to be checked for vegan-friendliness, and what brand you prefer.
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Photo of Michelle's Vegan Potato and Leek Soup

Michelle’s Potato and Leek Soup.

There are many hearty Pennsylvania Dutch potato soups, often made with milk, onion, pork, and/or celery.  This creamy vegan potato and leek soup recipe is a little different; it’s definitely a re-interpretation instead of a re-creation. The potato soups I’m used to are made with white onions and are seasoned very simply, with just pepper or maybe some parsley.… Read more

Michelle's Vegan Shoofly Pie Photo

Michelle’s vegan shoofly pie. This photo shows that you can make delicious shoofly with this recipe even if you had to make your own crust in a round cake pan instead of a pie plate!

Shoofly is a famous Pennsylvania Dutch molasses pie topped with buttery brown sugar crumbs. You can serve it for dessert, and some Pennsylvania Dutch people eat it for breakfast.… Read more