Understanding Prep Time: Mise en Place Photo

Setting everything up ahead of time makes my complex pumpkin pie recipe easy!

Why does the recipe say the prep time is 15 minutes, but it takes an hour for you and the rest of us mere mortals?

I used to think that cookbook writers were basically magical people, who, through enough training, could somehow cook faster than space and time would seem to allow.… Read more

Michelle's Vegan Hamburger Soup

Michelle’s Vegan Hamburger Soup

I adapted this vegan hamburger soup from my Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother’s recipe. Pennsylvania Dutch beef soups are often made by simply boiling the vegetables in beef stock made from soup bones. In this recipe, I use a high quality vegetable stock and sweat the vegetables before boiling them to better bring out their flavor.

To add a “beefy” depth to the stock, I add some optional G.Read more

The purpose of egg substitutes

Enjoy good food and lower cholesterol, while saving chicks and chickens from factory farming! Photo by Bosque Village, “DSC_0629“, CC BY 2.0

Choosing egg substitutes for a recipe can seem hit or miss, because eggs can serve several different functions. Let’s take the guesswork out of it!

The trick is to figure out which purpose eggs are serving in the recipe that you want to veganize.… Read more

Vegan Gumbo Photo

Michelle’s vegan gumbo

This Cajun vegan gumbo features Andouille sausage and chicken. It’s such a lovely brown color, and so deliciously savory, you won’t believe it’s vegan!

Gumbo originates in Louisiana, and it’s found in both Creole and Cajun cooking. It’s a thickened soup or stew made with roux and the Louisianan “trinity” of onion, celery, and bell pepper.… Read more

Photo of one of Michelle's vegan biscuits

Michelle’s fluffy vegan biscuits. May yours rise as high as your aspirations!

Biscuits aren’t hard to veganize, and they’re not even hard to make…but they’re hard to figure out if you missed the Southern memo! This recipe for vegan biscuits is dedicated to all the lost biscuits in your life–the hockey pucks, the ill-textured, the misfits. Once you learn their secrets, no biscuit in your home will be left behind.… Read more