The Vegan Pennsylvania Dutch and Southern Cook

Michelle, the Vegan Pennsylvania Dutch and Southern Cook.

Michelle enjoying a meal at Chicago Diner, a local vegan-friendly restaurant.

My Background

My mother and her side of the family are Pennsylvania Dutch, but I grew up with my parents in the Southeast U.S. This exposed me to two amazing cuisines that are also amazingly non-vegan friendly!

When I started my vegan journey in 2004, I felt forced to overhaul my eating habits. I focused on Mediterranean, Indian, Thai, and Latin foods, many of which were already vegan or easily adapted. Although they were fabulous, I felt disconnected from my roots. Over ten years of sifting through the growing wealth of knowledge about vegan cooking, I was able to return to the comfort foods I grew up with.

Being vegan has been easy for years now, but it was a slow, piecemeal process with many failed experiments. I’ve started this blog is to help other vegans who grew up on Pennsylvania Dutch or Southern food to start cooking their favorite foods today. My blog can also help families to include their vegan loved one in family traditions and celebrations, and help vegan foodies explore new regional dishes!

Learn more about how my blog can help you in my first post, Why I Started This Blog.

More About Me

I’m a clinical psychologist now living in Chicago with my two cats. When I’m not working, cooking, or writing for Rivels and Grits, I’m taking Argentine Tango and blues dancing classes. I’m learning more about food photography as well, which is very exciting!

Let’s Talk About You!

Check out my vegan Pennsylvania Dutch and Southern recipes, or my general vegan cooking tips!  Please leave comments below my posts so I can get to know you, your likes and dislikes, and what you’d like to see on the blog.

You can connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. I’m also happy to help with questions and vegan cooking dilemmas by email!