Baking Molasses Matchup

The Pennsylvania Dutch sure do love their molasses, and I’m no exception! Golden Barrel, a Pennsylvania-based company, mailed me a free jar of their Supreme Baking Molasses. I decided to test it head-to-head with Grandma’s Robust molasses. Grandma’s Robust is the easiest baking molasses to find in grocery stores, at least here in Chicago.… Read more

Non Dairy Substitute for Milk Powder in Bread Photo

Enjoy your bread machine by using this non dairy substitute for milk powder in bread! Photo: “best bread machine bread 1” by kae71463, CC BY 2.0.

Around 2008, I was gifted a Panasonic Automatic Bread Maker, model SD-YD250. This machine still serves me well today. I love its convenience, as well as the smell of fresh-baked bread in the morning.… Read more

The purpose of egg substitutes

Enjoy good food and lower cholesterol, while saving chicks and chickens from factory farming! Photo by Bosque Village, “DSC_0629“, CC BY 2.0

Choosing egg substitutes for a recipe can seem hit or miss, because eggs can serve several different functions. Let’s take the guesswork out of it!

The trick is to figure out which purpose eggs are serving in the recipe that you want to veganize.… Read more

Is sugar vegan?  Unfortunately, sugar in the U.S. is often processed by using animal bone char as a filter. This filtering makes sugar white by removing all traces of molasses.

This is also true for powdered (confectioners) sugar. It’s even true for brown sugar, because brown sugar is made by combining molasses with refined white sugar.

Fortunately, there are many vegan sugars!… Read more