Understanding Prep Time: Mise en Place Photo

Setting everything up ahead of time makes my complex pumpkin pie recipe easy!

Why does the recipe say the prep time is 15 minutes, but it takes an hour for you and the rest of us mere mortals?

I used to think that cookbook writers were basically magical people, who, through enough training, could somehow cook faster than space and time would seem to allow.… Read more

What not to do

A disorganized list will probably have you running all over the store! Photo: “red line,” Meg Stewart, CC BY 2.0.

Have you had any of these problems?

  • Coming home to find you don’t have ingredients to make a quick, decent meal
  • Running to the grocery store at inconvenient times, or more often than you’d like
  • Taking too long to find things at the store
  • Realizing halfway through cooking something that you don’t have an ingredient you thought you had
  • Forgetting that you were running low on a basic item, then running out at a bad time
  • Making grocery lists with similar items, over and over again
  • Miscommunications with people you live with about what you need from the store, which items need to be checked for vegan-friendliness, and what brand you prefer.
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