Filled Celery Photo

The family’s filled celery.

The Pennsylvania Dutch side of my family has passed this filled celery recipe down for generations–my great-grandmother used it too!  Creamy, mild, and slightly savory, with a delicate pastel coral color, the filling is an absolute delight. The celery is also specially prepared the night before to be crisp, tender, and moist. We looked forward to my mother serving it at every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.… Read more

Michelle's Vegan Northern Cornbread Photo

Michelle’s Vegan Northern Cornbread.

Also known as Yankee Cornbread, some folks get fired up about differences between cornbreads in the North and South! I don’t fuss about which one is “real” cornbread, because they’re two different breads. In the North most people use yellow instead of white cornmeal, and this recipe yields a softer crust because it uses a pan instead of a preheated cast iron skillet.… Read more