Pennsylvania Dutch Mincemeat Pie

Michelle's Vegan Mincemeat Pie

Michelle’s Vegan Mincemeat Pie

Mincemeat pie originated in England, and then became popular in Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. Mincemeat is a delightful mix of flavors–savory, sweet, citrusy, and spicy. It’s great for dessert, snacks, and breakfast. The spices also make it a special treat for the winter holidays.

Most mincemeats have beef or beef suet, lemon or orange, raisins and/or currants, molasses, brown sugar, cloves, and allspice.… Read more

Vanilla Pie: Shoofly Pie “Light”


Michelle’s vegan vanilla pie

Amish vanilla pie, sometimes just called vanilla pie, is considered by some folks to be a “lighter” variation of Pennsylvania Dutch shoofly pie. A dark, sweet, gooey filling is topped with crumbs that are made nice and fluffy with a rising agent.

All these recipes are pretty similar, with the biggest difference being whether they call for brown sugar or white sugar in the crumbs and filling.… Read more

Pennsylvania Dutch Milk Pie

Vegan Milk Pie Photo

Michelle’s vegan milk pie

Milk pies were small, 6 or 7-inch pies made with leftover scraps of pie crusts and just a few basic ingredients. They’re some of the easiest pies you’ll ever make. Milk pies were given to children, who often remember them fondly despite their lowly status as leftovers from “real” pies!  I’ve heard lots of names for them: milk flabby pies, milk flitche, Johnny pies, sugar pies, stingy pies, poor man’s pies, and milk tarts.… Read more

Pennsylvania Dutch Funny Cake Pie

Vegan Funny Cake Photo

Michelle’s vegan funny cake pie

Funny cake pie is an oddball. You put vanilla cake batter into a pie crust, then drizzle a chocolate layer on top…and somehow during baking, the gooey chocolate layer ends up on the bottom! The vanilla cake has a nice swirly pattern of chocolate traces left on top.

The best funny cake recipes have a few things in common.… Read more

Pennsylvania Dutch Shoofly Cake

Vegan Shoofly Cake Photo

Michelle’s vegan shoofly cake, wet bottom style!

You may have heard of shoofly pie, the famous Pennsylvania Dutch molasses pie. But most people haven’t heard of shoofly cake, which is very similar to the pie except there’s more flour and you don’t have to bother with a pie crust. If you’d like a simpler introduction to Pennsylvania Dutch baking, this is a great place to start!… Read more