Baking Molasses Matchup

The Pennsylvania Dutch sure do love their molasses, and I’m no exception! Golden Barrel, a Pennsylvania-based company, mailed me a free jar of their Supreme Baking Molasses. I decided to test it head-to-head with Grandma’s Robust molasses. Grandma’s Robust is the easiest baking molasses to find in grocery stores, at least here in Chicago.… Read more

Best Vegan Pumpkin Pie Photo

The best vegan pumpkin pie, all dolled up for the holidays with edible flowers!

Meet the best vegan pumpkin pie–it may also be the best pumpkin pie, period!

How was it made? By veganizing and, dare I say, improving the best non-vegan pumpkin pie: the fabled Cook’s Illustrated pumpkin pie recipe from 2008. I don’t know of anyone else who has done this, probably because all vegans have been told that you “can’t” replace 5 or more eggs in a recipe.… Read more

Michelle's Vegan Hamburger Soup

Michelle’s Vegan Hamburger Soup

I adapted this vegan hamburger soup from my Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother’s recipe. Pennsylvania Dutch beef soups are often made by simply boiling the vegetables in beef stock made from soup bones. In this recipe, I use a high quality vegetable stock and sweat the vegetables before boiling them to better bring out their flavor.

To add a “beefy” depth to the stock, I add some optional G.Read more